Debi Mazar Workout Routine

Debi Mazar

In 1981, actress Debi Mazar got her start in Hollywood. Her debut was in the movie Downtown 81 where she had a small part. Her next role was in a pilot that never aired called Graffiti Rock. She didn’t have any other projects throughout the rest of the ’80s. She only returned during the ’90s where she landed her first starring role on television, as Denise Iannello in Civil Wars. She reprised her role in L.A. Law.

She next starred in the short-lived shows Temporarily Yours and Working. During this period, she also appeared in the films Singles, Malcolm X, Batman Forever, and Empire Records. She also had a supporting role in the 1999 movie The Insider. From 2000 to 2002, she starred in the show That’s Life. She later became further known for her role as Shauna in Entourage, which she reprised her in the film of the same name. In the 2010s, she is best known for starring in the shows Extra Virgin and Younger.

How does the actress Debi Mazar maintain her fabulous body despite being in her 50s? The answer lies in her healthy lifestyle. According to the actress, she stays in shape through proper nutrition and a lot of physical activity. Following a workout routine has proven to be effective not only in maintaining her weight but also improving her mood. In an interview, she talked about her workout regimen. She said:

“My usual routine is I go in my basement: I have a Lifecycle [exercise bike], a treadmill, an old-fashioned bench with weights and lots of different arm weights, those bands that you connect to the top of the door for tension, a bosu ball.” She also exercises by dancing and singing – sort of like performing, really. She revealed: “I need a lot of action around me, so I put the lights up, I have mirrors down there, I put my disco on blasting over my Sonos sound system, and I start singing and dancing like I’m in a club.”

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