Debi Mazar Diet Plan

Debi Mazar

Hollywood actress Debi Mazar had her career beginnings in the 1980s. Her career became more notable the following decade with roles in the films Goodfellas, Jungle Fever, Singles, and Malcolm X, among others. During this period, she also starred in the short-lived shows Civil Wars and L.A. Law. She later starred in the show Working.

Her prolific career on the small screen continued in the 2000s. During this time, she played Jackie O’Grady in That’s Life and played Shauna in Entourage. She also had a recurring role in the show All of Us. In the 2010s, she currently stars as Maggie Amato in the TV series Younger. She’s also acted in the film The Only Living Boy in New York this year. She also reprised her role as Shauna in the film version of Entourage.

She may be in her 50s but the actress stays in shape by sticking to a healthy lifestyle. Talking about her diet routine, she revealed: “I’m not a huge breakfast person; I don’t get hungry right away. Giulia (her daughter) loves breakfast. If I’m making her some eggs, I might scramble up some eggs for myself. A little bit of butter — yes, butter. Or we like avocado toast like every other person in the world these days.”

When it comes to her nutrition, she said: “Nutrition I get through food. I’ve been told to take vitamin D because I’m a New Yorker who is never in the sun. I hydrate constantly. I believe in living your life to the fullest, so if you wanna have cocktails or wine just because it makes you feel happy, I think that’s healthy in moderation. And I think portion control is important. People could be surprised how much they don’t need in terms of huge amounts on the plate. When you go to a restaurant any place else in the world, it’s not like “all you can eat” with a Big Gulp.”

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