Bra Sizes Explained

Bra Sizes Explained

Wearing a bra is a part of your daily routine and no matter how fashionable your brassiere pieces are, you still might be surprised for the things that you don’t know about this little piece of undergarment. A bra size is a combination of a number and a letter. You may be using a specific measurement ever since your body has required the use of a bra but you may not understand what it really means.

Though knowing about bras and sizes may seem unimportant to some, understanding what sizes really mean is the key to finding bras that fit and flatter your body perfectly. You may be feeling a little less confident about your body because it doesn’t feel right. Then you find out about your exact measurements and it all comes to place. You look sexier than ever and it all comes from correcting one trivial mistake – wearing the right bra size.

So what do bra sizes really mean? Band sizes range from 32 to 40 inches, that is if the lingerie brand is American. If not, some brands can go up to 44. There are also specialty brands that create and design bras for plus-size women where this can go up to 52.

As for the cup sizes, they typically go from A through D. Some brands have cup sizes that are smaller than an A-cup such as AA or even AAA, which is a great choice for young girls looking for their first bra. After D-cup, several US brands go all the way to DD and DDD cup sizes. Brands for those women who are highly busty offer extended sizes up to DDDD, E, or F, depending on the brand. Those specialty brands that make big cup sizes go up to F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ and K.

In addition, there’s a common misconception that all A cups, or any letter for that matter, are the same size. Truth is, they’re not. For you to determine the accurate size of a bra cup, the band size should be taken into consideration. For example, bras that are 32C and 34C are different even though they have the same letters. On the other hand, 34B and 32C are the same cup sizes, despite the letters being different. To make it simple, the difference in cup size from one letter to the next is always 1 inch.

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