Sarah Wright Net Worth

Sarah Wright

Sarah Wright

$6 million

Sarah Wright is an American actress. She first appeared with a small role in the 1998 film Enchanted. In the 2000s, she pursued acting full-time after working as a model. She first starred as Paige Chase in the Fox sitcom Quintuplets. She next starred in the film All You’ve Got, as well as joined the main cast of the TV series The Loop as Lizzy.

Wright became further known for her role as Jane in 7th Heaven. In 2008, she had performances in the films The House Bunny, Wieners, Surfer, and Dude. In the 2010s, she played Tiffany McDermott in Mad Love, Millicent Gergich in Parks and Recreation and Molly in Men at Work. She next starred as Dennah in the short-lived show Marry Me. In 2017, she played Tom Cruise’s female lead Lucy Seal in the film American Made.

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