Theresa Russell Net Worth

Theresa Russell

Theresa Russell:

$5 million

Theresa Russell is an American actress. She had her career beginnings in the 1970s, debuting in the 1976 film The Last Tycoon. She next starred in the movie Straight Time. On television, her first role was on the miniseries Blind Ambition. During the ’80s, she became known for her performances in the movies Bad Timing, Eureka, Insignificance, Black Widow, Aria, Track 29, and Physical Evidence. She continued acting in the ’90s where she had starring roles in Impulse, Cold Heaven, and Kafka. She next portrayed Kate Barker in the film Public Enemies. She next played Sandra Van Ryan in the movie Wild Things. The following decade, she had more performances both on the big screen and television. She starred as Hazel Walker on the short-lived series Glory Days. She also played Emma Marko on Spider-Man 3. Her latest role was in 2016’s A Winter Rose.

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