Nicky Whelan Diet Plan

Nicky Whelan

Actress Nicky Whelan started her acting career in her native Australia. Her first significant role was as Heidi “Pepper” Steiger on the Australian soap opera Neighbours. She went on to pursue a career in Hollywood. As she was starting to build a career in the US, she guest-starred on the US shows Entourage and Melrose Place. She then became known for starring as recurring character Maya on Scrubs. She’s also starred in the slasher movie Halloween II. In the 2010s, she had roles in the films Hall Pass, Paranormal Movie, Left Behind, and 7500. She also appeared in the Terrence Malick movie Knight of Cups. She also became known for her starring roles on the shows Chosen, Matador, Satisfaction, Second Chance, and House of Lies. This year, she starred in the films Tragedy Girls and Inconceivable.

Th 36-year-old actress stays in shape by following a healthy lifestyle. She makes sure that she’s always fit and healthy when she works. Fitness and her overall health are crucial, especially when she’s working on a project that requires her to be stronger. One example is her starring role on the show Matador where she needed to appear as super tough. She shared how she was needed to undergo gun training and all the hard stuff. In this case, it was important that she was fit, healthy, and strong. That’s why exercising regularly and eating healthy are always essential.

Sticking to proper nutrition isn’t just about losing weight or sustaining a specific weight, it’s also about being strong and having enough energy levels to do your work more efficiently. Sharing her experience on the show and how her health and fitness helped her, Nicky stated: “My schedule is very intense—we shoot long days. It’s hard to also train on those days. But keeping a healthy, happy mind is my foundation, then everything else falls into place. These days I change up my training a lot. As for diet, I eat small meals all day. I start every day with a green shake in my blender, then follow that with coffee.”

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