Ellen Pompeo Diet Plan


Ellen Pompeo is an American actress. She has also ventured into producing. Her first acting gig was for an campaign for L’Oreal. She then began acting in short films. She next made guest appearances on TV and starred in the film Moonlight Mile. Next, she portrayed Karen Page in the film Daredevil. After a guest appearance on Friends, she landed the lead on the medical-drama series Grey’s Anatomy. On the show, she plays Dr. Meredith Grey. She has since been playing the lead since 2005. The show is currently in its 13th season. She has since focused on the show and stopped working on films.

Ellen may be in her late 40s, but her radiance stays intact. She also has a slender figure, making her younger than her actual age. Standing at 5’7, her thin frame becomes more notable. She is also a mother of two children. With her regular stint on Grey’s Anatomy, to family, and motherhood, how does she maintain her lovely figure? The secret is healthy lifestyle. It’s that simple. Now that she’s in her 40s, she makes it more important to eat right and exercise.

In an interview with SELF magazine, she revealed that her favorite slim-down trick is making her own lunch. She said: “On Sundays, I pre-make everything for salads. I boil a dozen eggs and parboil beets. I chop lettuce, cilantro, scallions and parsley and put it all in Ziplock bags.” So that when the weekdays come and she has to go, she just needs to grab handfuls of them with dressing, can of beans, and some goat cheese. This way, she makes sure she has healthy lunch that she made by herself. She also likes to munch on bananas, mangoes and almond for snack. These are easy to bring and are reliable when she gets hungry while being on-the-go

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