Elle Fanning Diet Plan

Elle Fanning

American teen actress and Dakota Fanning’s younger sister Elle Fanning has gained recognition as a young actress in her own right. Beginning her career when she was only around three years old in I Am Sam where her sister starred, she eventually landed other movie roles beginning early 2000s, as well as on television. By the time she was eight or nine, she had acted in the films Babel, Déjà vu, Reservation Road, and The Nines. Mainstream success came when she played one of the lead stars in Super 8 released in 2011. Around the same time, she was also noticed for her performance in We Bought a Zoo. Continued success came when she was cast as Princess Aurora or the Sleeping Beauty in Maleficent released in 2014. Her most recent movie was in the acclaimed movie Trumbo in 2015.

Just like her big sis, Elle is health conscious despite being so young. This might be something that was taught in the household she grew up in. For breakfast, she usually has breaded chicken patty, buttermilk biscuit, and grapefruit juice. She also eats Vegemite sandwich for breakfast sometimes. Her lunch typically consists of fried chicken, collard greens, and even macaroni and cheese. When she eats out at noon, she has fingers-boiled peanuts and non-alcoholic wine. For her source of proteins, she has fresh salmon.

In between, she likes to snacks on cookies and even drinks coffee at night. She just makes sure she doesn’t have too much of coffee and lots of cookies. This is because she also practices on basic portion control to not only maintain her slender figure, but also her health. Dinner for Elle usually consists of tacos, and sometimes chicken barbecue. It is said tacos are she and her sister’s favorite dinner meal. In addition, she takes protein shake after her dance classes to feel regain energy lost. This helps her do other things during the day.

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