Torrance Coombs Workout Routine

Torrance Coombs

Hollywood actor Torrance Coombs got his start in the mid-2000s. His first acting gig was in a short film. He later made his television debut in an episode of Supernatural. His first starring role on the small screen was as John Doe in the series jPod. He next appeared in an episode of Battlestar Galactica. He next played recurring character Chase Powers in the Canadian series Heartland. At the same time, he played Thomas Culpeper in 5 episodes of The Tudors. Following this, he had his first movie role in 2011’s Afghan Luke.

Simultaneously, he starred as Sam Besht in the short-lived series Endgame, as well as in the made-for-television film Killer Mountain. From 2013 to 2016, he became known among a wider audience for his role as Bash in The CW series Reign. After this, he joined the main cast of the ABC series Still Star-Crossed, though it was canceled after one season. His latest television role was as Declan in The Originals. In addition, he has also appeared in the movies Liars All, Eadweard, and The Last Heist.

The 35-year-old actor takes care of his body and overall physique by sticking to an active lifestyle. Aside from trying his best to eat well at most times, he also powers up his body by working out on a regular basis. He does so not only for physical reasons. He plays sports and spends time outdoors doing numerous activities. He’s also fond of running and hiking, which he spends time and effort to do because these things help him stay in shape and improve his strength. The Reign actor also loves to box. He’s been spending time doing boxing recently and it has since helped him maintain his strong core. Even when he’s working, he still manages to get some exercise, such as biking around set.

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