Olivia Munn Diet Plan

Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn‘s sexiness is beyond compare. Though she began her career in the field of journalism, she ultimately ventured into the world of entertainment where her sex appeal became even more noticeable. She started acting in direct-to-video films and then later on television with stints on game shows and TV series. Even with acting on the side, she pursued her major and became a correspondent for The Daily Show. Her first main role on the small screen was in the short-lived series Perfect Couples. Further television success came later with a regular role in The Newsroom. She also made notable appearances on the cinema with roles in Iron Man 2, Magic Mike, and Deliver Us from Evil. She was recently cast for a role in the upcoming movie X-Men: Apocalypse.

Despite being in her mid 30s, Olivia possesses youthfulness and an amazing figure that somehow helped her gain the attention from both female and male audiences. Standing at 5’4, she surely has a curvaceous body that consistently puts her in FHM and Maxim’s Hot Women lists. Olivia is noted for her cautiousness when it comes to the food she eats. Talking about it, she said: “If I can’t see it, I don’t eat it.” That means she really checks the ingredients of the food she eats to make sure she gets sufficient nutrients and doesn’t consume any unhealthy stuff.

For breakfast, she usually has grapefruit juice, two sliced tomatoes, one mango, and four boiled eggs. This combination keeps her energetic the rest of the morning. She next has chicken salad and burger with lettuce for lunch. For snacks, instead of eating processed or junk foods for lunch, she munches on green olives with seeds, jellybeans, almonds, and peanuts. At night, she has organic turkey with chopped veggies, pinto beans, Greek yogurt, and celery stick. She also makes sure she drinks plenty of water, especially in the morning as she believes this is a good way to detoxify her body.

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