Olivia Wilde Diet Plan

Olivia Wilde

American actress Olivia Wilde has a promising career right now. Starting her acting journey with a starring role on a television series, she ultimately gained notice for her recurring character in The O.C.. Because of her memorable performance, she became part of the main cast of the popular medical show House, which exposed her to a wider audience and somehow made her a household name. This led her to perform in some well-known feature films like Alpha Dog, Turistas, and went on to receive further attention for her performance in Tron: Legacy (2010). At the beginning of the 2010s, she had starring roles in Cowboys & Aliens, The Change-Up, In Time, Deadfall, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and Her.

The 31-year-old actress is known for her enthusiasm over healthy living. Interestingly, she practiced vegan diet before switching to pescetarianism. This practice means to follow a diet that includes fish or other seafood but not other animals. She was even named PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010. This means she mostly eats fishes and vegetables, which primarily contributes to her amazing looks and figure, in addition to working out. About her choice not to eat meat, she said: “Not eating meat, really keeps me trim. It’s a lifestyle choice, but meat, and what’s usually served with it, is a big calorie packer.”

She mostly has papaya, soy cheese, frozen mangoes, and juice for breakfast. For lunch, she has soy yogurt, salads and veggies, and soup. Her last meal is mostly composed of still veggies and salad, and almond yogurt. Of course, Olivia also munches on something for snack, which she does with almonds, blueberries, and soy or rice milk. Despite being health conscious when it comes to the food she eats, Olivia claims she doesn’t deprive herself of the enjoyment of eating, saying: “It makes me sad when people say, ‘Oh, I don’t eat gluten. I don’t eat cheese. I don’t eat this. So I eat cardboard.”

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