Morena Baccarin Workout Routine

Morena Baccarin

Film and TV actress Morena Baccarin became first known on the small screen. This is all thanks to her starring role on the acclaimed yet short-lived series Firefly. During her initial years she also had roles in movies such as in Perfume and Roger Dodger. She starred in the movie Serenity, a continuation of the TV series Firefly. After recurring roles on The O.C. and Stargate SG-1, she starred on Heartland, but it was short-lived. She became further known for playing Anna on V. However, it was her role as Jessica Brody on Homeland that gained her greater prominence. Since 2014, she’s been playing the role of Leslie Thompkins on Gotham. She also played the female lead Vanessa Carlysle in the 2016 movie Deadpool.

The actress remains slender with a toned figure, thanks to her healthy lifestyle. Surely, Morena keeps her body active by working out regularly. Aside from doing cardio exercises, she also revealed herself to be a fan of Jivamukti Yoga. In an interview, she said: “I like Jivamukti yoga. Which is really hard and acrobatic, but there’s a lot of meditation too, which is nice.” Aside from this from this form of yoga, she also likes doing Pilates.

Because of her devotion to having a healthy body, Morena makes it a point to perform her exercises despite her busy acting career. That is why the Deadpool star still has a svelte form and toned physique despite nearing her 40s. Her busy acting career also keeps her physically active, which definitely helps. The actress is also confident of her body that she’s not afraid to show it when needed for her film and television roles. In another interview, the actress also said: “If there is a pool big enough for lap swimming, I will do that. But usually the most exercise I get is from walking and lifting a glass of wine to my nose and mouth.”

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