Karla Souza Diet Plan

Karla Souza

Mexican-American star Karla Souza had her career beginnings on the Mexican screen. Her first starring role was on the telenovela Verano de amor. She next starred on other Mexican shows Los Héroes del Norte and Niño Santo. In the 2010s, she also became more prolific on the big screen. She made her Hollywood debut in the film From Prada to Nada. She next gained critical praise for her performance in Nosotros los Nobles. It was, however, her role as Laurel Castillo on How to Get Away with Murder that gained her widespread fame. This year, she starred in the films Jacob’s Ladder and Everybody Loves Somebody.

The 32-year-old actress remains slim and healthy because she follows a healthy eating plan. She basically stays in shape by making the right decisions when it comes to her food and lifestyle choices. In an interview, she was asked how she practiced beauty inside out. She stated:

“I drink a lot of water and try to limit the amount of sugar I eat. I love using coconut oil for cooking (and as body lotion!). Also, I love the 50 Shades of Green juice from Kreation, and have it at least three times a week. The ingredients are kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, lettuce, dandelion, spirulina, cholorphyl, and mint. I also try to make sure I sleep at least eight hours a night so that I can be the best version of myself each day. I exercise and move at least once a day to get the endorphins and blood flowing, because when you feel good, you look good! True beauty starts from the inside out, and generosity and kindness are important contributors to beauty too.”

She’s also a huge breakfast eater. She said her ideal breakfast would be “Huevos rancheros with some chilaquiles on the side, some freshly squeezed juice, and some great coffee.”

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