Jessica Stroup Workout Routine

Jessica Stroup

It was in 2005 that American film and TV actress Jessica Stroup started her career in Hollywood. She made her debut in an episode of Unfabulous. Simultaneously, she appeared on the TV movie Vampire Bats. Following this she made her cinematic debut in Pray for Morning. She next appeared as Cady Hansen in 4 episodes of Reaper. She also appeared as Amber in the horror movie The Hills Have Eyes 2. Afterwards, she starred as Claire in the movie Prom Night. Subsequently, she became further known for starring as Erin Silver on 90210. During the same period she had roles in the films Homecoming and Ted. She continued her prolific career on television. She starred as Max Hardy on The Following and now stars as Joy Meachum on Iron Fist.

Jessica Stroup maintains her slender and toned beauty by taking care of herself. She does this by eating a well-rounded diet and exercising on a regular basis. She understands the importance of physical activity and knows that lack of mobility can result to health repercussions. Due to such reasons, she makes sure that she lives an active lifestyle. She tries her best to work out whenever she can. For one, she works with a trainer to help her improve her core.

She said in an interview: “We use weights on almost every exercise. Circuit training is a great way to go. Keeping the reps high and the weight low, you’ll tone your muscles without bulking up.” When asked about any fitness advice, she said: “Feel good! You know when you don’t feel healthy, stop the excuses and do something. Just go outside, walk, breathe. Life’s too short to fall into a rut. You are in charge of you — treat yourself well and it’ll show.” She also shares the importance of stretching, saying: “Before and after a workout, or just whenever you feel stiff, get on the floor and stretch!”

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