Matt Lanter Workout Routine

Matt Lanter

Hollywood star Matt Lanter had his career beginnings in 2004. His debut was in the film Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius. He also joined the reality show Manhunt as a contestant. Afterwards, he successfully auditioned for the role of Horace Calloway on the TV series Commander in Chief. He next had a recurring role as Brody Mitchum on Heroes where he appeared in 5 episodes. He next worked as a voice actor, playing Anakin Skywalker on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Further success came after landing the role of Liam Court on 90210. He next starred as the male lead on the short-lived series Star-Crossed. As of 2016, he stars as Wyatt Logan on the NBC series Timeless.

The 34-year-old actor is a sight for sore eyes on television. Since he’s started his television career, fans can see how his manliness has since developed. His body has gotten more muscular over the years, but he’s also been keen in his training that he makes sure he doesn’t overdo it. With this, he looks built and toned but just enough. For one, the actor takes care of his body and general health by watching what he eats. Then of course, he tries his best to work out as regularly as possible.

When a fan asked him on Twitter if there’s any special training he needed to do for his role on Star-Crossed, he answered: “Just work out whenever I get some time off.” Seeing that he has toned abdominal muscles, chest, and arms, it’s apparent that the actor works out. Despite his love for carbs (he loves spaghetti), Matt still maintains a decent waist, which means he does cardio exercises on a regular basis. Aside from cardio, he also performs full body weight training sessions. His lats also look strong so this must be because he does pull downs (or pull ups), bench press, shoulder press, curls and a mixed abdominal routine.

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