Aya Cash Workout Routine

Aya Cash

Hollywood star Aya Cash is now a television staple. During her career beginnings, she had mostly guest appearances on multiple television shows. She had also appeared with small roles in the films Deception and Winter of Frozen Dreams. In the 2010s, her acting career flourished with a main role on the show Traffic Light. She next guest starred on The Newsroom and We Are Men. Her main breakthrough was as Gretchen Cutler on the TV series You’re the Worst, a role she still plays up to present. For her role, she was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. In the movies, she had roles in Begin Again, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Loitering with Intent.

Aya Cash admits to being carefree when it comes to her workout habits. But for her role on You’re the Worst, she admitted to being more conscious of her body because of the nudity she has to do. It makes her self-conscious that she’s decided it’s time to make some physical and mental efforts. In an interview, the actress was teased by her co-star Chris Geere about working out only once a month. She said:

“That’s not true! I just want to be clear because — this is my pet peeve of mine, this thing about women and working out — I worked my ass off for the show for my own narcissism. I do not work out in life and I have not worked out since the show. However, what you see on the show, I worked very hard for. My husband was like, “This is what it takes to get you to work out? The threat of public nudity? I should have threatened to get you nude in public before,” because he’s very outdoorsy and rock climbs and things.”

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