Ashton Kutcher Diet Plan

Ashton Kutcher

Before he became one of Hollywood’s most prominent actors, Ashton Kutcher was a fashion model. He actually established a career as one, but he ultimately chose acting over it. His debut was as Michael Kelso on the sitcom That ’70s Show, which instantly earned him prominence. This then led him to star in several films. This includes Down to You, Dude, Where’s My Car?, Just Married, My Boss’s Daughter, The Butterfly Effect, and A Lot like Love. During the 2000s, he was also known for hosting the MTV show Punk’d. He continued his prolific career, starring on various genres, including the action-thriller The Guardian, romantic comedy What Happens in Vegas, the independent movie Valentine’s Day, and the ensemble feature Valentine’s Day. In the 2010s, he starred as Walden Schmidt on Two and a Half Men.

Actors are known to go great lengths when preparing for a role. One perfect example was Ashton Kutcher’s role as Steve Jobs in the 2013 biographical drama film Jobs. Wanting to make his portrayal of the late Steve Jobs as realistic as possible, he also underwent Jobs’ fruitarian diet. This was from the book Mucusless Diet Healing System where it talked about most sugars in one’s diet being cut out. The problem was that it didn’t work so well with Ashton that he ended up in the hospital.

Talking of the experience, he said in an interview: “[The book] talked about the value of grape sugar and that was probably the only pure sugar you could have in your body. I think the guy who wrote that book was pretty misinformed. My insulin levels got pretty messed up and my pancreas kind of went into some crazy, the levels were really off and it was painful. I didn’t know what was wrong.” He added: “I started consuming the things that he consumed, I started studying entrepreneurs he admired, listening to the music he listed to, eating the food he ate and walking the way he walked.”

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