Lily James Workout Routine


Lily James is an English actress who first came to prominence in the United Kingdom. Her first acting gig was on the TV series Just William. She next played the part of Poppy on the British series Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Her portrayal of Lady Rose MacClare on Downtown Abbey got her wider recognition, not just in the UK but abroad. Her stint on Downtown Abbey partly led her to more opportunities outside UK. She made her big screen debut as Korrina in the Hollywood film Wrath of the Titans. She then had roles in the British films Broken and Fast Girls. Her first lead role was playing Cinderella in the movie of the same name. She next played Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Back on the UK screen, she portrayed Natasha Rostova on the BBC miniseries War & Peace.

The 27-year-old actress is noticeable with her pretty face and amazing acting chops. No wonder she’s getting all these exciting film opportunities in Hollywood. She also has a thin frame, which makes her more physically noticeable because she’s also quite tall at 5’7. The first movie that got her into physical training was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In the movie, she still played Jane Austen’s Lizzie Bennet but the one who could fight and kill zombies. She knew she had to physically prepare for this role.

Her part had to look like she’s a natural fighter and not someone who’s just doing action scenes because she was told to do so. In an interview, the pretty actress admitted she was unfit before this. She said: “I’ve been doing Downton Abbey and having way too many biscuits and just drinking tea.” So, she had to change this as she knew she had to be stronger. She had a trainer who would instruct her to hit punching bags with baseball bats and let her start boxing, too. When asked about her normal workout routine, she answered: “I go through phases of exercise, and I do begin to feel bad if I’m not moving my body and stretching.”

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