Lily Cole Diet Plan

Lily Cole

English model and actress Lily Cole first became known for her modeling work. In her modeling years during her teens, she gained attention as the cover of British Vogue when she was 16. She eventually pursued a career in acting. She made her debut in the 2009 British film St. Trinians. She then played Valentina in the film The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. She then made her TV debut in an episode of Doctor Who. During the 2010s, she starred in the films There Be Dragons, The Moth Diaries, and Confession of a Child of the Century. She next played Greta in the Hollywood film Snow White and the Huntsman. More recently, she had starring parts in the movies The Messenger, Orion, Gravy, and London Fields.

The model-actress stays in shape by practicing a healthy lifestyle by focusing mainly on a vegan diet. In an interview, she was noted for saying: “I have a predominantly vegan diet and when I eat dairy I try and ensure it is organic/free range. I believe in the power of purchasing choices and so try and see where things I buy come from.” Despite this, she also admits that she sometimes finds it hard to maintain, but that she’s happy if she’s able to do it. She added:

“I am an aspiring vegan… which means I have been trying to be but am not always as it isn’t always easy, and so I try and keep a balanced attitude when I can’t be. In my heart of hearts I know I want to be a vegan though, and am very happy when I manage to be. I am mostly concerned about factory farming of animals, and do not want to support or encourage that through using milk or eggs that comes from unknown sources. It’s not easy when traveling and I still have mixed feelings about eating honey or occasionally free range eggs.”

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