Kay Panabaker Diet Plan

Kay Panabaker

Hollywood celebrity Kay Panabaker started her career as a child performer. During her career beginnings, she appeared as a guest star on a couple of TV shows. This includes Port Charles, ER, and 7th Heaven. She next appeared in two episodes of the show Angel. Her first acting role in a movie was in Dead Heat, released in 2002. Her first main role on the small screen was as Nicole “Nikki” Westerly on Summerland. The show, however, didn’t last long on television. Simultaneously, she played the role of Deborah “Debbie” Berwick on Phil of the Future. She became known for her roles on the Disney Channel television movies Life Is Ruff and Read It and Weep. She had also played recurring character Lindsey Willows on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Her first lead role as as the titular character in the film Moondance Alexander. She next played George Fayne in the movie Nancy Drew. She’s now a zookeeper for Disney.

Kay maintains her healthy weight and toned figure by eating healthy. She’s young, but she’s decided to start eating right at a young age. With this decision, she vows to stay away from processed and junk foods. She also tries her best to stay away from fast food, no matter how tempting this could be. Her main diet consists of nutritious foods that not only can help her maintain a slender body, but also give her the energy she needs. With sufficient energy, she’s able to perform her daily tasks more efficiently.

Basically, Kay focuses on eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains. Though eating conscientiously can be a challenge at first, the amazing results it had on her body motivated her to continue such diet. She’s still a food lover and eats those foods she wants, but she eats them moderately. Portion control is crucial in this case. She believes it’s okay to have indulgences as long as she has them every now and then only.

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