Clea DuVall Diet Plan

Clea DuVall

Hollywood star Clea DuVall first appeared in the 1996 film Little Witches. At the same time, she made her television debut in an episode of Dangerous Minds. She next appeared in 2 episodes of ER. The rest of the ’90s saw her acting in the movies The Alarmist, How to Make the Cruelest Month, Girl, and Can’t Hardly Wait. She later starred as Stokely “Stokes” Mitchell in 1998’s The Faculty. She next had supporting roles in She’s All That, But I’m a Cheerleader, and Girl, Interrupted.

On television, she had her first regular gig in the 2000s. This was as Sofie Agnesh Bojakshiya in Carnivàle, which ran for two seasons. In 2004, she portrayed Linda Kasabian in the made-for-television film Helter Skelter. She later played recurring character Audrey Hanson in Heroes. She also became more prolific as a film actress during this period. She had performances in the films 21 Grams, The Grudge, Zodiac, Anamorph, and Passengers.

Later in the 2010s, she played Wendy Peyser in American Horror Story: Asylum. In 2012, she played Cora Lijek in the film Argo. She next starred in the films Jackie & Ryan, Addicted to Fresno, The Intervention, Heaven’s Floor, and All About Nina. In addition, she also starred as Emma Borden in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, Marjorie Palmiotti in Veep, Sylvia in The Handmaid’s Tale, and Lesley Marnel in Broad City.

Already in her 40s, the actress stays in shape by being mindful of her diet. Naturally, she now avoids processed and junk foods. Her diet plan typically consists of greens, whole grains, and plenty of fruits. She’s since made the conscious effort to avoid red meat, carbs, and dairy. Instead, she focuses on having foods that are clean and healthy. Every meal, she makes sure incorporates vegetables. Plus, she also practices a healthy lifestyle by eating in moderation.

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