Katie Aselton Diet Plan

Katie Aselton

Hollywood celebrity Katie Aselton had her career beginnings on the small screen. Her first every gig on television was in 2 episodes on Undressed in 2001. Her next role came a few years later, appearing in the movie The Puffy Chair. This was her film debut. Her breakthrough came in 2009 after landing the part of Jenny on the sitcom The League. The said show lasted seven seasons, earning her mainstream fame. While on this program, she became more active on the big screen. She starred in the movie The Freebie, which she also wrote and directed. She next appeared in the movies Our Idiot Brother, Black Rock, and The Sea of Trees. As of 2017, she stars as Amy on the TV series Legion. This year, she’s also acted in the movies Fun Mom Dinner and Bastards.

The 39-year-old actress maintains her youthful glow and slender figure by living a healthy lifestyle. Leading a healthy way of life is also something that she does to set an example to her children. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to eat a really great hamburger, because she still does! “I really like red meat. So being vegan: minus one,” she said in an interview. In the present though, she teaches her kids the importance of eating veggies and other healthy foods.

She also talked about her family and healthy eating in another interview. She revealed: “We are really lucky to have kids that like a lot of healthy things.” She added: “Roasted kale is at the top of the list. I’ve found that if you drizzle olive oil and throw some salt and pepper on almost any vegetable, then roast it, my kids go for it.” She emphasized the importance of teaching her children to follow a healthy diet, saying: “It’s important to me, raising two girls in Los Angeles, that I set a good example of a healthy lifestyle. Eating a well-balanced diet and working out regularly is part of that.”

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