Janina Gavankar Workout Routine

Janina Gavankar

Getting her first significant role as Papi on the TV series The L Word, Janina Gavankar has since established her career as an actress on TV. Prior to this, she had appeared in a couple of movies. She was credited for her roles in Why Is God and Dark. She also played the titular character in the independent movie Ms. Dewey. She then became further recognized for her role as Shivakamini Somakandarkram on The League. It was however her role as Luna on True Blood that made her more popular, thanks to the show’s prominence. She later starred in the film Think Like a Man Too and played Meredith on the TV series The Mysteries of Laura. This year, she appeared as Diana Thomas on the Sleepy Hollow and appeared as Gina in the movie Sidney Hall.

Looking at her, the 37-year-old actress remains slender in her physical stature and youthful, too. This is because she takes care of herself through healthy eating and regular workouts. For one she stays active in her lifestyle. Exercising not only helps her tone her physique and makes her stronger, it also helps improve her mood. In an interview, she explains that though there are temptations on the set of her shows, like indulging in her cravings and eating other tasty yet unhealthy food, she tries to make up for her indulgences by working out.

She said: “People go, ‘where are the crisps? Gimme the crisps!’ They’re so yummy. We have a plethora of goodies at our disposal at all times.” She then added: “I was kind of bad during the off-season, but now I’m back to the usual grind in the gym. Any day I’m not working I’m getting my ass kicked by my trainer, Ryan Naumann. He just knows how to make me melt. I’ve never been somebody who’s been athletic or ever wanted to be so it takes a lot to make me do it. He’s somehow managed to crack the code and get it right.”

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