Jacinda Barrett Workout Routine

Jacinda Barrett

It was in 1995 that actress Jacinda Barrett got her start in the show business. She first appeared in the reality series The Real World: London. Her first movie appearance was in Campfire Tales. In the 2000s, she starred in the short-lived shows D.C. and Citizen Baines. She also had notable roles in several films, including Urban Legends: Final Cut, The Human Stain, Ladder 49, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Ripley Under Ground, Poseidon, and The Namesake, among others.

Later during the decade, she also had performances in the movies New York, I Love You and Middle Men. In the 2010s, she had roles in the films Matching Jack and So B. It. She also had a recurring role as Zoey Lawford in the series Suits. She next joined the main cast of the ABC series Zero Hour and went on to play Diana Rayburn in the Netflix series Bloodline.

The actress had her first child in 2007 and she admitted that it was proper diet and exercise that helped her lose her post-baby weight. Talking about the experience, she said: “I had a big girl, she was 10 pounds, so that must have something to do with it. Most of [the weight] went out with her, but I am exercising – and I exercised the whole way through.”

Aside from her workout routine, which involved lots of cardio and stretching, she also shed pounds and regained her slender figure through being basically a mom. Motherhood, of course, involves lots of moving around. “I’ve just been really looking after [the baby] and it sort of comes off the way that it comes off, because it’s all related to her, to my child,” she said. Right now, the Bloodline actress is a mother of two but she continues to manage to stay in shape because she sticks to an active lifestyle.

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