Jacinda Barrett Diet Plan

Jacinda Barrett

American-Australian star Jacinda Barrett first became a model. She then started acting in the late 1990s. She was first noticed for her appearances on the reality show The Real World: London. Her first recurring role on TV was on Wind on Water. She then had starring roles on the TV shows D.C. and Citizen Baines. Around the same time, she was more active in the movies. She starred in Urban Legends: Final Cut, The Human Stain, and Ladder 49. Her next films were Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Poseidon, and The Namesake. She will star in the upcoming film So B. It. She also played a recurring role as Zoey Lawford on Suits. As of 2015, she stars on Bloodline.

She may be in her 40s and is a mother of two, but Jacinda Barrett knows how to work it. Thanks to her healthy lifestyle, age certainly agrees with her. Her beauty remains solid and her figure rocking. How does she achieve this? As mentioned healthy lifestyle. But what kind of healthy lifestyle, really? Well, aside from exercising, the actress eats clean and eats right. She avoids processed foods and those containing too much sugar and fats. As much as she could, she cooks at home. This way, she’s guaranteed that her food is healthy.

In an interview, she mentioned that she was able to lose her post-baby weight through exercising and healthy eating. According to her, there’s no magic pill. Just having the discipline and the will to work out and eat right. In the morning, she likes having eggs and toast for breakfast. She’s okay with coffee, tea, or juice in the morning. For lunch, she goes for lean protein so she opts breast chicken. Sometimes she has salmon and quinoa. At night, she prefers lighter meals. She either has a sandwich or pasta. In her every meal, she incorporates fruits and veggies to make it healthier.

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