Hayden Panettiere Diet Plan

Hayden Panettiere

American actress Hayden Panettiere’s acting journey started early when she made her acting debut on television when she was only five in the 1990s. Of up to the 2000s, she’s had regular roles in soap operas. Her movie debut was in 1998 when she was around eight. Her career flourished in the 2000s – a main role in Ally McBeal and supporting roles in a couple of well-known films, such as Remember the Titans, The Affair of the Necklace, and Raising Helen. Her major breakthrough came in 2006 when she starred on the television series Heroes. The show ran for four seasons until 2010. While on the show, she also starred in some movies, including I Love You, Beth Cooper. She now stars on the television series Nashville, which she began playing in 2012. Her films in the 2010s are Scream 4 and The Forger, released in 2011 and 2012, respectively.

The petite actress stands at around 5’1, but it cannot be denied that she has a rocking figure despite her short stature. This is because she does not fail in taking care of body by loading herself of nutritious foods. With her lean body, it is apparent that the 26-year-old actress is not into crazy diets because being too thin is not a priority of hers. Since she’s also known for her strong advocacy on animal welfare, she started practicing a vegetarian diet while still in Heroes.

However, this kind of diet made her body not respond well. Since then, she has incorporated chicken and fish into her meals to address her body’s nutritional needs. For breakfast, Hayden typically eats tofu, oatmeal, and hard-boiled eggs. She has chicken or fish for lunch and attains a balanced diet by eating some fruits like blueberries, peaches, and grapefruits after. In addition, she stays away from dairy products, maybe except low-fat yogurt. On her cheat day, the actress has fried chips.

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