Haley Lu Richardson Diet Plan

Haley Lu Richardson

Hollywood actress Haley Lu Richardson had her career beginnings in the 2010s. She started acting in short films and TV shows. Her first recurring role on television was as Tess Hamilton in Ravenswood. Her first movie role was in 2014’s The Last Survivors. She next appeared in the film The Young Kieslowski.

She next had a supporting role in the independent movie The Bronze. She later played recurring character Ellie Dennis in the show Recovery Road. She gained further recognition in 2016 for her roles in two acclaimed films: The Edge of Seventeen and Split. Last year, she starred in the movie Columbus. In 2018, she has roles in the upcoming films Support the Girls, The Chaperone, and Operation Finale.

The 22-year-old actress is one of Hollywood’s newest rising stars thanks to notable roles in The Edge of Seventeen and Split. Despite her being young, she already understands the importance of a healthy diet. Nonetheless, she still loves and appreciates food. She also starts her day right. Talking about her morning routine, she said in an interview: “I always drink a huge glass of water in the morning and either make a peanut butter smoothie or eggs.” She also shared what her ideal food day would be like in the same interview, saying:

“For breakfast, I’d go all out and make two fried eggs with sweet potatoes (diced really small so they get crispy) and bacon. Also, I’d make a side of stuffed French toast filled with cream cheese and berries! Then, I would take an hour to digest and eat some sort of sushi for lunch. I love eel. After that, I would probably just keep snacking all night until I fell asleep. My boyfriend makes these amazing roasted beans on a cookie sheet in the oven, so I’d have about three cans of that. Then some goat cheese and wine. If I get really hungry later I’d go to some steakhouse and order crab and lobster mac n cheese.”

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