Erika Christensen Workout Routine

Erika Christensen

Hollywood celebrity Erika Christensen‘s breakout role was in the film Traffic. There, she played as Michael Douglas’ drug addicted teenage daughter. Her performance in this film got her a Young Hollywood Award for Standout Performance. This led her to land starring roles in many Hollywood films. This includes The Banger Sisters, The Perfect Score, The Upside of Anger and Flightplan, among others. She also portrayed Cate Earnshaw on the TV movie Wuthering Heights. She then joined the main cast of the short-lived series Six Degrees. In the 2010s, she became best known for portraying Julia Braverman-Graham on the TV series Parenthood. After this she starred on the short-lived show Wicked City. She’s also recently starred in the film Two for One.

The actress sustains her healthy and fit figure by practicing a healthy lifestyle. She chooses the foods she eats and goes for mostly nutritious ones. She also makes sure that she follows an active lifestyle. She always gets moving as she understands the importance of being fit and strong. While she considers her on-the-go lifestyle because of her job as an actress, she doesn’t feel complacent and still make efforts to work out. She enjoys doing cardio and hitting the gym.

In an interview, she said: “I love the gym. It’s a really good investment because it’s kind of an inertia that sets in if you go too long without exercise. Your body just gets heavy; it’s not running at the same speed. My body feels that. I need my body to support me when working long hours.” No matter how busy she is, she makes it a point to allot some time for her workouts. She also inserts exercising whenever she can. She revealed: “My fiancé and I do push-ups during commercial breaks while we watch TV. It sounds silly, but it’s real life and I really do that. And any time we can ride our bikes some place instead of driving, we’ll do that.”

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