Emily Osment Diet Plan

Emily Osment

Hollywood celebrity Emily Osment started her acting career in the 1990s. Her breakout role was as Gerti Giggles in the Spy Kids movies. She then gained further fame for starring as Lilly Truscott on the Disney series Hannah Montana. While on the show, she starred in the movies Soccer Mom and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2. She also reprised her role as Lilly in Hannah Montana: The Movie. After Hannah Montana, she starred on the short-lived series Cleaners. As of 2014, she stars on the TV series Young & Hungry. She also had a recurring role as Jodi on the sitcom Mom. Her most work in the movies was in 2016’s Love Is All You Need?.

The 25-year-old actress is a food lover, but she also knows how to balance it out with healthy meals. For one, she sticks to fruits when she’s on the set of Young & Hungry even though there are so many sweets offered. She said: “We have way too many sweets on set, so I try to stick to all the fruit. We have apples a plenty.” She also loves to eat out, saying: “L.A. has really good sushi; I love Katsuya and Koi. We’re famous for our Mexican food as well of course, and I can’t live without late night Pinches Tacos.”

When asked what her ideal food would be the entire day, she answered “1-800-Dominos”, which strongly means she loves pizza. Overall, she eats whatever she wants. She’s not really into diets. She makes sure she stays fit and healthy by eating as healthy as possible, sticking to lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and veggies. She indulges in her favorites, too, mostly pasta and ravioli. She believes it’s fine to eat whatever she wants as long as there’s moderation involved. For the actress, portion control is the key.

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