Judy Greer Diet Plan

Judy Greer

Hollywood actress Judy Greer is prolific both on TV and film. During her early years in the ’90s, she had roles in the films Kissing a Fool, Three Kings, and Jawbreaker. On TV, her first notable role was on Love & Money. She then became known for her role as Kitty Sanchez on Arrested Development. She also played supporting roles in various movies. This includes 13 Going on 30, The Village, The Wedding Planner, Elizabethtown, and 27 Dresses, among others. She also starred on the short-lived series Love Monkey and had a recurring role as Myra on Two and a Half Men. She played the female lead on the short-lived comedy series Married. Her most recent films are Tomorrowland, Lemon, and Wilson.

The 42-year-old actress maintains her youthful glow and slender figure by eating healthy. Sharing about her eating options, she said: “I’ve been totally inspired to try to not order naughty breakfasts from room service when I’m traveling.” She added: “”I ordered this exact breakfast two days in a row on a recent trip. It’s oatmeal with berries and nuts, a side of one scrambled egg white and hot tea. I have to say, I was full for about four hours after eating this, and didn’t feel gross (just don’t ask me about the slice of cheese pizza I had for dinner!).”

Wondering what her typical dinner looks like? She said in another interview, “At home I make ‘garbage salad’ with a lot of leftovers mixed with kale, spinach, romaine, and rice. Leftovers depend on what I made for the kids previously, but usually a little meat. And I eat feta cheese every day of my life.” What about her go-to snacks? Judy said it’s strawberries. Being always on-the-go with her hectic shooting schedules, she makes sure keeps healthy food items in her trailer. These are “rice cakes, almonds, and herbal tea from the health food store.”

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