Emilie de Ravin Diet Plan


Australian beauty Emilie de Ravin naturally began her career on Australian television. Her debut was on the TV series BeastMaster. She soon entered the international screen as Tess Harding on Roswell. She got her major break on television as Claire Littleton on Lost. She was part of the main cast from seasons 1-4. While on the show, she also starred in the films Santa’s Slay, The Hills Have Eyes and Public Enemies. In the 2010s, she continued her career. She starred in the romantic drama Remember Me. She returned to mainstream television as Belle on Once Upon a Time. She’s been playing the role since 2012.

Standing at 5’2, the petite actress turns 35 this year. She’s also a mother of one. It’s also noticeable that she has managed to stay slender all these years. Despite her personal life, motherhood and busy career, Emilie makes sure that she takes care of herself. Aside from exercising whenever she can, the actress stays healthy by eating right. She acknowledges the fact that it becomes crucial for her to be more careful of her eating choices. Especially that she’s in her mid 30s. During this time the metabolism becomes slower. This mean she can easily gain weight if she doesn’t watch out her eating habits.

For this exact reason, Emilie does watch her eating selections. Most of the time, she prefers eating healthy foods like proteins from fish and chicken. She loads herself up with lots of fruits and veggies, too. She actually incorporates vegetables in most of her meals. Simply because it makes her feel better to consume vegetables regularly. Looking at her, you can notice how radiant her skin is. This is thanks to her consumption of vitamins from fruits and vegetables. She does love munching on some guilty pleasure, but she does so moderately.

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