Dascha Polanco Diet Plan

Dascha Polanco

Dominican-American actress Dascha Polanco only started her Hollywood career in the 2010s. Her first ever professional acting role was in an episode of the CBS series Unforgettable. She next appeared as an extra on the TV series NYC 22. She later made her cinematic debut in the 2013 film Gimme Shelter. That same year, she began starring the role of Dayanara “Daya” Diaz on the acclaimed Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Her work on the show has since gained her mainstream recognition. She also continues to play the said role up to now. She simultaneously had performances in the films The Cobbler, Joy, The Perfect Match, and MFKZ. More recently, she played Det. Lori Wieder in 3 episodes of the anthology series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. This year, she played the recurring character of Beatrice on the Netflix series Russian Doll.

The actress takes care of herself by mostly sticking to a healthy diet plan. She generally stays away from junk foods. Instead, she nourishes her body through a clean, balanced diet. In the morning, she starts her day right with a healthy breakfast. ” I usually make myself egg whites with truffle salt or a protein shake. I like to put a papaya in my shake because it has a lot of fiber, it makes you go,” she said. “Sometimes I go real Dominican and I have plantains in the morning or boiled Caribbean root vegetables: yams, yucca, that stuff.”

She’s also pretty much health-conscious. “I take a multivitamin, B12, and also a probiotic for vaginal health and digestion,” shared the actress. “The most important thing is to always eat after you work out. So after I work out I have a grilled chicken with vegetables. At night I have this powder that’s like carbs that you take for your muscles. I drink a lot of herbal tea.”

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