Colin Egglesfield Diet Plan

Colin Egglesfield

It was in 2000 that actor Colin Egglesfield got his acting start. He first appeared with a small role in the TV series The $treet. He later made his first movie appearance in S.W.A.T. playing a minor part. He next starred in the made-for-television film 12 Days of Terror. His first credited role in a movie was in Vampires: The Turning in 2005. He also appeared as David in the film Must Love Dogs. He next starred in the feature Beautiful Dreamer.

From 2005 to 2009, he played Josh Madden in the soap opera All My Children. After his role here had ended, he joined the main cast of the series Melrose Place as Auggie Kirkpatrick. However, the said show was short-lived. In 2011, he starred in the movie Something Borrowed. He later became further known for his role as Thomas “Tommy” Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles. At the same time, he also starred as Evan Parks in the show The Client List. More recently, he has appeared in the movies Vice and The Space Between Us.

Colin Egglesfield takes care of his body and his overall health by watching what he eats. He normally sticks to a healthy diet plan. He knows that when it comes to maintaining a fit physique, working out is not enough. He also needs to eat the right kinds of food in order to ensure his body’s fitness and general well-being. In an interview, he talked about his healthy diet and expressed his very own diet advice. He said:

“Start eating lighter foods such as salads. In the winter when it’s cold out, I love to eat hot heavy foods that keep me warm such as spaghetti. When it starts to get a little nicer out, I feel like I can get by not eating as much. Just don’t get too hung up on counting every calorie you intake.” He added: “Try drinking a full glass of water before you sit down to eat to help make your stomach feel full. Only eat until you start to feel full as well.”

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