Christopher Gorham Workout Routine

Christopher Gorham

Hollywood actor Christopher Gorham got his start as an extra in the 1997 film Shopping for Fangs. His first TV appearance was in Spy Game, followed by a 4-episode gig in Party of Five. He also appeared in Danny Boyle’s movie A Life Less Ordinary. His first starring role on the small screen was as Harrison John in the short-lived series Popular. He next appeared as recurring character Trevor O’Donnell in Felicity. After this, he starred as Neil Taggart in the Canadian show Odyssey 5. During this period, he also starred in the film The Other Side of Heaven.

He became further known for his role as Jake Foley in the UPN series Jake 2.0. He later starred in the short-lived shows Medical Investigation and Out of Practice. Further success came when he landed the part of Henry Grubstick in Ugly Betty. Simultaneously, he starred as Henry Dunn in the miniseries Harper’s Island. From 2010 to 2014, he became widely known for playing Auggie Anderson in the USA Network series Covert Affairs. Following this, he guest-starred in the shows Once Upon a Time and Heartbeat. He played Bobby in 2 Broke Girls and John Gaines in The Magicians. He’ll star as Bob Barnard in the upcoming Netflix series Insatiable.

For his role in Covert Affairs, the actor took it upon himself to improve his physique. Of course, looking ripped wasn’t enough. He knew he needed to increase his strength. That’s why he became more vigorous in his workout routine. In an interview, the actor became candid about his training. He said:

“When it started, I was doing the 300 workout, because one of the guys who was doing stunts on the pilot was in 300 and worked out with those guys, so he was giving us a lot of those exercises, which are kind of similar to CrossFit I guess. And CrossFit’s kind of something I jumped into last year and was doing.”

He continued: “I worked with different trainers over the years. One season, I was just doing it all on my own. Recently, I’ve gotten back into swimming for cardio. Usually, I’d run, but I played water polo in high school and it’s just been so long since I swam. I forgot what great exercise it is.”

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