Camilla Luddington Workout Routine

Camilla Luddington

Camilla Luddington was first widely recognized for her portrayal of Kate Middleton on the TV movie William & Kate: The Movie. Prior to this she had her start with minor roles in films. William & Kate: The Movie was then released, earning her notice. She next had a recurring character on Californication, as well as on True Blood. As of 2012, she stars as Dr. Josephine “Jo” Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy. Her role on the long-running show garnered her mainstream prominence among international audiences. In addition, she had appeared in the feature film The Pact 2. She recently starred in the animated film Justice League Dark.

The 34-year-old actress is able to maintain her svelte figure thanks to her healthy lifestyle. Aside from eating healthy, she’s also physically active. In an interview, she said that part of her health and beauty regimen is clean eating and exercising. She said: “Workout-wise, I run. Mentally it relaxes me and once I get on a good frequent running schedule I find myself sleeping so much better.” She’s also physically active that even when she’s stressed, she resorts to dancing.

She revealed: “Shonda always says to “dance it out”. So when I find myself alone and stressed out for some reason, I just turn on some music and literally dance out my emotions.” Further, she shared of her new workout routines: “I always love SoulCycle. I find the music and energy for those classes so fun and encouraging; even when you’re exhausted you keep pushing yourself. I think that any workout that promises a quick fix is overrated.” She loves running so much she wished she had done it earlier. Camilla stated: “I would love to tell my younger self to start running! It’s a passion I picked up in my early twenties but I wish I had started earlier.”

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