Amy Smart Diet Plan

Amy Smart

Amy Smart is an American actress who began her acting career many years ago, first gaining recognition on television for her notable roles on such TV shows as Felicity, in which she played a recurring character. After more roles on the small screen, she eventually expanded her career and made it into the movies, first garnering widespread prominence for starring in Varsity Blues, and years later in the box office hits The Butterfly Effect opposite Ashton Kutcher and Starsky & Hutch. She was also remarkable for her performance in the romantic comedy film Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Her most recent films are The Single Moms Club and 7500. Recent work on TV are in Justified as a recurring character and in the TV movie Run for Your Life.

The actress may be already in 40s but her radiance makes her age seem like a mere number. This is because despite the industry she’s in, which is entertainment that’s known for strong pressures and its wild lifestyle, Amy manages to come out clean and healthy because she prioritizes in putting her well-being first. Aside from her disciplined workout routine, she follows a healthy dietary regimen, which she starts by regularly eating healthy breakfast. This includes eggs, wheat bread, fruits, and sometimes cereal.

For lunch, she typically has pasta, chicken, and salad. Her last meal of the day consists of also foods rich in proteins like fish, chicken, and vegetable salads. In between meals, she’s into yogurt, smoothies, fruits, and nuts as her snacks. Having a cheat day, Amy indulges herself on sweets like brownies and cupcakes, though she still makes sure she doesn’t have much. Despite allowing herself to eat tasty yet not-so-unhealthy foods like pizza, burgers, and fries, she makes it a point that she always applies portion control so she manages her weight properly.

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