Amber Stevens Workout Routine


Television and film actress Amber Stevens‘ career only started in the mid 2000s. Her initial career consisted of her making guest parts on various TV shows. She ultimately got her break on the small screen with a regular role on Greek. She starred on all the show’s four seasons. This gained her significant attention. After the show ended in 2011, she resumed to doing guest roles. She appeared as a recurring character on 90210, Chasing Life and Criminal Minds. As of 2015, she stars as Maxine on the TV series The Carmichael Show. She’s also best known for her roles in the films 22 Jump Street and Jessabelle.

The 30-year-old actress stands slender and lean, giving her a prominent figure. She also looks strong and healthy. Though she surely has great genes, it’s also because Amber takes care of herself that makes her body sex and toned at the same time. She certainly eats healthy as she believes eating right is crucial to have a healthy body and mind. On the other hand, she also recognizes the importance of exercise. She believes that eating right and working out work hand in hand.

In an interview, the actress shared how she normally follows a healthy lifestyle in her everyday life. When asked about any workout tips, she said: “Find an activity you enjoy and it won’t feel like a workout. I enjoy hot yoga at a studio that plays really fun music during class, so time flies and before I know it I’ve had an intense workout while having fun. Also, I always work out with a friend. It motivates me when I need to keep a commitment to myself and a friend!” She also challenges herself a bit more. She added: “And I started doing more weight training at the gym with my friend. Again, I always work out with a friend!”

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