Amanda Crew Diet Plan

Amanda Crew

Hollywood star Amanda Crew started her career in 2005. During this time, she had roles on the TV shows Life as We Know It and Smallville. Her first regular role on the small screen was as Tanis McTaggart on the Canadian series 15/Love. She also became known for her role as Julie Christensen in the movie Final Destination 3. This was followed by more roles on the big screen. This includes She’s the Man, That One Night, Monster Ark, Sex Drive, and The Haunting in Connecticut. Around the same time, she was also series regular on Whistler. She became further known for playing the female lead in Charlie St. Cloud. Subsequently, she had roles in the films Jobs, Crazy Kind of Love, The Identical, and The Age of Adaline, among others. As of 2014, she stars as Monica Hall on Silicon Valley.

The 31-year-old actress maintains her slender figure by practicing a healthy diet most of the time. She said in an interview: “I believe in balance for diet. Eating clean for most of the day but allowing yourself to have bread, chocolate, wine and all the other treats of life.” She also got candid about her food selections. When asked what a typical breakfast for her is, she said: “COFFEE! I cannot do anything until I’ve had coffee. After I’ve had my coffee, then I can start thinking about breakfast and the rest of my day. Breakfast is either scrambled egg whites with toast and avocado or a protein pancake with Vega Protein.”

She also loves to have smoothies and her go-to ingredients are “some sort of greens, half a frozen banana, frozen berries, unsweetened almond milk and Vega protein powder.” The actress also admitted to trying her best to drink more water for her skin. She said: “My skin is best when I’m eating clean and drinking lots of water. I’m terrible about drinking water. It’s something I’ve been working on…my whole life.”

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