Amy Ryan Diet Plan

Amy Ryan

Hollywood star Amy Ryan started her acting career on Broadway in the 1980s. Soon, she started a film and television career. During her beginnings, she had small roles in films and eventually landed starring roles on TV. Her first notable role was as Chloe Banks on The Naked Truth. She then starred as Beadie Russell on The Wire, gaining her further recognition. While on The Wire, she starred as Helene McCready in the film Gone Baby Gone. She was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role here. She next starred as Holly Flax on the comedy series The Office. More recently she starred in the films Bridge of Spies, Central Intelligence, The Infiltrator, and Monster Trucks. She also played the role of Sylvia in the movie Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

The 48-year-old actress maintains her youthful radiance and slender physique by practicing a healthy lifestyle. This means she mostly eats clean and nutritious foods. On the other hand, she knows how to balance this by making sure she also gets to enjoy life’s treats. Most of the time though, Amy focuses on eating healthy. She mostly has fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. She also drinks water with abundance to sustain her skin’s wellness. She makes it a point to avoid eating processed and junk foods.

The actress also modifies her diet as preparation for roles either on screen or on stage. Talking about her recent play Love, Love, Love, she shared how she cut down some of her favorites in order to prepare her body for her role on the play. She said: “I stopped eating dairy and sugar, other than the cake I eat onstage, and I take a giant bite. That’s the one thing. I kept saying I was going to train like I would if I were running the marathon, and I have yet to do that, so I thought, at least I can stop eating cheese. Just so I have the vocal power.”

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