Antonio Cupo Net Worth

Antonio Cupo

Antonio Cupo

$1 million

Antonio Cupo is a Canadian actor. He started acting professionally in the 2000s. During his early years, he had guest roles in Beggars and Choosers, The Immortal, and Dark Angel, among others. His first movie role was in 2005’s Hollywood Files. In 2008, he portrayed American boxer Max Baer in the film Carnera: The Walking Mountain. His next roles were in the movies Smile and Barbarossa. He also starred in several TV films during this period. In the 2010s, Cupo had performances in the movies American Mary, Anita B., and It Happened in L.A. He also portrayed Charles V, Duke of Lorraine in the film September Eleven 1683. Also, he had recurring roles in the TV shows Bomb Girls, Ice, and Blood & Treasure.

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