Tom Ellis Diet Plan

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is currently known for his titular character on the show Lucifer. Prior to his success on television, he first debuted in the 2001 TV film The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. On the big screen, he had his first appearance with a minor role in High Heels and Low Lifes. He later played a role in the film Buffalo Soldiers. On television, he first appeared on the TV series Nice Guy Eddie. He went on to have performances in the films I’ll Be There, Vera Drake, and Much Ado About Nothing. Back on television, he played Justyn on the comedy-drama series No Angels.

Afterward, he got the role of Dr. Oliver Cousins on EastEnders. He also became known for playing Detective Sergeant Sam Speed on the sketch comedy The Catherine Tate Show. He reprised his role in The Catherine Tate Christmas Show. In 2008, he had a role in the film Miss Conception. From 2009-2015, he gained wider recognition in the UK for his role as Gary Preston on the sitcom Miranda. At the same time, he portrayed Cenred in Merlin, as well as made appearances on various other shows. Pursuing a career in the US, he landed the lead role of Dr. William Rush on the short-lived USA Network series Rush. He gained mainstream prominence for his role as Lucifer Morningstar on the TV series Lucifer.

Apart from his workout routine, the actor maintains a great physique by trying to eat healthily as possible. He admits that although he craves sweets and beers, he also needs to look good and feel good. “Unfortunately, I love beer, candy, and bread – preferably late at night. But having to fit into my rather slender suits on Lucifer forces me to abstain from my natural eating habits, so I do try to stay in some sort of basic shape by cutting beer and working out with my trainer,” said the actor. However, he eats whatever he wants when he’s on a break from filming. When getting ready for a photo shoot, he cut down on carbs, alcohol, and drinks 4 liters of water daily.

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