Sophia Bush Diet Plan

Sophia Bush

Former One Tree Hill actress Sophia Bush is best known for her remarkably pretty face and her fierce yet funny portrayal of Brooke Davis in the aforementioned show. Starting as an actress in 2002, she rose to fame the following year and became a household name. During One Tree Hill‘s run, she was able to act in a couple of movies like Stay Alive, John Tucker Must Die, and The Hitcher. Aside from acting, she’s also ventured into directing.

Her most recent move was in Chalet Girl (2011). After One Tree Hill ended in 2012, she starred as one of the leads in Partners, though it went on to become short-lived. She found her place on television again after landing the part of Erin Lindsay in Chicago P.D., where she’s part of the main cast, bringing her back to the spotlight. Aside from her appearances on both the big and the small screen, Sophia’s been included in several Sexiest Women lists on prominent magazines.

Standing at 5’4, Sophia has a slender yet curvaceous figure. This makes her even sexier. Interestingly, the actress is very outspoken when it comes to her beliefs on health and fitness. Mainly, she’s not a fan of too much dieting to the point of starving one’s self for the sake of a very slim physique. She makes sure she eats healthy and almost follows a vegan diet since she mostly has vegetables and fruits every day.

For breakfast, she opts to have oatmeal, skimmed milk, and yogurt. To make her yogurt extra healthier, she mixes it with apples, strawberries and blueberries. Because she follows a five-meal-per-day diet, she takes her first snack with more fruits like grapefruit, pear, and peach. Proceeding to lunch, she prefers having steamed brown rice with curry paste, spinach, coriander powder, and black pepper as the main ingredients. In the afternoon, she munches some fruits again. Her last meal of the day, her dinner, contains broiled chicken breast, tuna, salmon, sugar-free orange juice, and steamed green beans. This means she only has meat for dinner.

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