Shiri Appleby Workout Routine

Shiri Appleby

It was in 1985 that actress Shiri Appleby got her start in the show business with her first appearance in Santa Barbara. She later joined the main cast of the show Knight & Daye. Meanwhile, her first movie role was in 1987’s The Killing Time. In the ’90s, she had roles in the films I Love You to Death, Family Prayers, and Deal of a Lifetime. She ultimately rose to fame for her role as Liz Parker in the television series Roswell.

Following this, she starred in some TV films, as well as in the feature films Swimfan, Havoc, I’m Reed Fish and The Killing Floor. She also had recurring parts in Six Degrees and ER. She later joined the main cast of the short-lived series Life Unexpected and played Clarice Carthage in Chicago Fire. After appearing as Natalia in 4 episodes of Girls, she started playing the role of Rachel Goldberg in the Lifetime series Unreal. She still plays the said role until now. In addition, she has also starred in the movies The Devil’s Candy, The Meddler, and Lemon.

Apart from her diet plan, the Unreal actress stays slender and toned by following a workout routine. She credits her fit body to a training program called AKT InMotion. It basically combines cardio, weights, utilizing exercise bands. According to the actress, she performs the said regimen twice a week for 55 minutes. Gushing about her love of this program, Shiri said:

“It’s been 2 months and beach season is upon us … yesterday in my bikini, I felt really confident, like, really confident. I could see abs finally … my thighs and butt feel really tight and honestly, I’ve never had any kind of arm muscles, but now I’m seeing a lot of definition.” She can even perform the said program at home, too. She explained: “That’s what’s great about it too. It’s really just like being in a yoga class, so I’m doing it in the corner of the living room.”

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