Shah Rukh Khan Workout Routine

Shahrukh Khan

Widely dubbed as the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan had his film journey started in the 1980s. He became more widely known in the 1990s, first appearing as antagonist in such films as Darr and Baazigar. He won his first Filmfare Award for Best Actor for the latter. His starring performances in the romantic films Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Dil To Pagal Hai cemented his fame. For both these performances, he won the Filmfare for Best Actor. In the 2000s, he was acclaimed for his roles in Devdas, Swades, and Chak De India – all of which he won numerous awards. In the 2010s, he starred in the movies My Name Is Khan, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Chennai Express, Dilwale and Fan.

Even in his 50s, it is amazing how lean and how well-built the actor is. In his recent films, he has such a spectacular frame that can still show off his muscular body. His ripped abs, for instance, have had a special appearance in such films as Happy New Year and Dilwale. This is to the delight of his female fans and the awe of his male ones. Khan has followed a regular workout routine ever since. He work outs after midnight and finishes at around 3 in the morning. He exercises 4-5 times a day, which depends on how busy he is with this movie projects.

For his strength training, he lifts 30-40 pound dumbbells. For his cardio, he prefers cycling which he does for around 30 minutes daily. His rigorous workout session includes him cycling while wearing a suit that weighs 8-10 kilograms. He exercises for about 30 minutes and doesn’t stick to a single routine. He prefers mixing them all up every now and then. He does not lift too heavy weights and opts not to increase them. He changes his routine by modifying the reps instead.

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