Sarah Hyland Diet Plan

Sarah Hyland

American actress Sarah Hyland is now a television staple, thanks to her starring role in the hit and acclaimed comedy series Modern Family. She has initially started her career at age seven and eventually gained notice as a child actress for her roles in The Object of My Affection and Annie. In the 2000s, she only appeared in a few movies and was more prolific on the small screen with her first notable role in Lipstick Jungle as a recurring character in 2008. Major success came after landing a regular role in the aforementioned show Modern Family. The series has since received numerous major awards, exposing Sarah to a much wider audiences all over the globe. It currently is in its seventh season. Additionally, she portrayed the female lead in the miniseries Bonnie & Clyde and acted in the movies Vampire Academy and Date and Switch, both released in 2014.

The 25-year-old actress stands at only 5’2, but her toned body makes up for her lack of height. Basically growing in the show business, the actress managed to take care of herself really well. Surprisingly, she loves eating fast food that’s why it’s amazing how she can balance her diet with something healthy and something she craves. Also at a young age, Sarah is able to discipline herself to stay away from unhealthy snacks, at least often times.

The reason why she looks fit and healthy is that she recognizes the importance of eating clean and healthy and at the same time she knows how to dig in to the little pleasures of eating, such as having something she really loves from time to time. When she knows she has taken too much of something not really good for her, she makes it up by loading herself of lean protein and veggies, as well as lots of water as her form of cleansing. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress was noted for saying: “I would eat Taco Bell every day!”

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