Rhea Chakraborty Diet Plan

Rhea Chakraborty

Indian celebrity Rhea Chakraborty started her show business career on television. This was after joining MTV India’s reality show TVS Scooty Teen Diva. She was the runner-up in this competition. She then auditioned to become a DJ and was chosen. Afterwards, she hosted a couple of MTV shows. She eventually started a film career. Her debut was in the Telugu feature Tuneega Tuneega. Subsequently, she made her Bollywood debut in Mere Dad Ki Maruti. This was followed by another Hindi movie Sonali Cable. As of late, she’s filming for two films that will be released this year.

The 24-year-old VJ and actress credits her good genes for her amazing figure. But this does not make her complacent. She still makes sure she eats well and healthy in order to maintain her slender figure. She understands the importance of healthy eating. This does not only help her maintain her healthy weight, it also keeps her mind healthy and makes her generally happier. Mostly she avoids eating unhealthy foods, such as processed items, fast food meals and those that are high in salt and sugar. She also avoids eating fried and starchy foods as much as possible.

She said: “People eat to live but, as for me, I live to eat. And it adds an extra glow to my skin.” She even admits to be foodie who loves chocolates, non-vegetarian meals and even street foods. The actress is also against extreme dieting methods for losing weight. She said: “It is stupid to adopt such ways to lose kilos. It is safer to be natural and enroll at a gym or practice yoga instead of popping pills. Eat less and burn more should be the mantra, for them. But I can understand that for some, crash diets and slimming pills may be the only way of getting rid of the pounds instantly.”

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