Melanie Scrofano Workout Routine

Melanie Scrofano

It was in 2002 that Canadian star Melanie Scrofano started her acting journey. During her beginnings, she made guest appearances in various shows. This includes Undressed, Naked Josh, and Beautiful People. She then starred in the TV movie Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning. At the same time, she made her big-screen debut in Baby Blues. She next appeared as Gena in Saw VI. Her first main role on the small screen was in Pure Pwnage. At the same time, she played recurring character Rebecca in Being Erica. She later played Tia Tremblay in the television series The Listener. After this, she starred in the short-lived series Gangland Undercover. She next had a recurring role in the American series Damien. She rose to fame as the lead star in the Canadian-American series Wynonna Earp.

The television star stays in shape by being physically active. She works out on a regular basis and likes engaging in outdoor activities. Besides, her role as the main character in Wynonna Earp is already hard work for her with the training she was required to undertake. Being a female and fighting demons surely require her to improve her physique in order to make her character more believable. She also revealed in an interview how she prepared for her role on the hit show that has since gained her mainstream prominence.

Of her training, she explained: “They signed me up for a motorcycle course so I could get my license. They got me a trainer, a stunt coordinator called Louis Paquette, who tried to kill me about four times a week and very nearly succeeded.” She added: “We did fitness, and all sorts of martial arts, and fighting for television, because it’s very different than fighting for your life. When I got to Calgary we did weapons training–how to shoot and the [safety of it] and choreography training with our stunt coordinator, Steve McMichael.”

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