Logan Browning Diet Plan

Logan Browning

Hollywood star Logan Browning had her career beginnings sometime in the mid-2000s. Her first ever role on television was in Summerland where she played Carrie. After this, she landed a 5-episode role in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. In 2007, Browning made her cinematic debut in the film Bratz: The Movie, starring the role of Sasha.

She returned to television with a starring part — as Brianna Ortiz in the sitcom Meet the Browns. She simultaneously played Rebecca Dawson in the TV series Pair of Kings. She also appeared in 2 episodes of The Secret Circle. Browning continued her work on television starring as Jelena Howard in the TV show Hit the Floor. While on the show, she guest-starred in Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse and starred as Zora in Powers.

She also had a guest appearance in Survivor’s Remorse. The actress gained wider recognition for her role as Samantha White in the comedy-drama series Dear White People, which she has been starring in since 2017. In addition, Browning had performances in the films Breaking at the Edge and Brotherly Love. She recently starred in the psychological horror movie The Perfection opposite Allison Williams.

To stay in shape, Logan Browning eats clean and is generally mindful of her food choices. In an interview, she shared how self-care is crucial for her. In order to do that, she makes sure her body receives proper nutrition from whole foods. She’s big on fruits and veggies, as well as lean meat and whole grains. She also takes supplements. “Also, I notice a huge difference in my skin when I’m taking zinc, omega-3, and turmeric,” said the actress.

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