Lenora Crichlow Workout Routine

Lenora Crichlow

It was in 2004 that English actress Lenora Crichlow started her career. She did so by appearing in the TV movie Bella and the Boys. Her first notable role was as Shirley Moss in The Bill. She then became known for her lead role in the series Sugar Rush. Afterward, she made her first film appearance in Wilderness. She later starred in the TV movie Kiss of Death.

She became further known for her role as Annie Sawyer in the British series Being Human. In the 2010s, she became recognized for her starring roles in the films Fast Girls, Electricity, and The Late Bloomer. She also starred in the miniseries Collision and Material Girl. More recently, she starred as Gigi Fernandez-Lovette in Back in the Game, Stephie Bennett in A to Z, and Rosa in Flaked.

The 33-year-old actress underwent intense physical training to prepare for her role in the movie Fast Girls. Talking about in an interview, she said:

“I just tried to do my best. I’m not an athlete, so to train for the role, I had to start from scratch. I did an awful lot of interval training, both running and on the bike, which was all about pushing my boundaries, as well as over 500 sit-ups each day. I also did regular running drills and weights sessions to improve my strength and posture. I must admit some days it was very hard to get out of bed and start training, so I did surprise myself with how hard I worked.”

When it comes to her regular fitness routine, she said: “I do a lot of yoga, walking, cycling and jogging. I don’t usually do anywhere near as much running as I did for the movie, so that was a whole new experience.” The actress naturally loves to exercise and keep herself physically active. She revealed: “I’ve always been fairly sporty and my body has always responded well to it. If I don’t exercise for a few days, I tend to feel sluggish and rundown.”

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