Lenora Crichlow Diet Plan

Lenora Crichlow

Actress Lenora Crichlow had her career beginnings on the British screen. After a role on the TV movie Bella and the Boys, she appeared in 12 episodes of The Bill. She then joined the main cast of Sugar Rush as Maria “Sugar” Sweet. In 2006, she made her cinematic debut in Wilderness. She had also guest starred in an episode of Kiss of Death, followed by a role on the TV movie Kiss of Death. She then became further recognized for starring as Annie Sawyer on Being Human. Subsequently, she starred in the movie Fast Girls. In the 2010s, she had remarkable roles on the TV shows Back in the Game, A to Z, Suspects and Flaked. She was cast in a starring role on the upcoming series Deception.

The 32-year-old actress maintains her health and fitness by following a healthy lifestyle. Aside from being physically active with her workout routine, she also keeps in shape by being a nutritious eater. For her role in Fast Girls, Lenora particularly observed a clean diet, one that also follows moderation. When asked what she did to keep fit for her role in the movie, she said: “I already ate a good, balanced diet, so I didn’t have to change it too much. I often get asked for a ‘magic solution’, but there isn’t such a thing. I tended to eat little and often, sticking to lean protein, complex carbs for slow release energy and plenty of fresh greens.”

She also shared how her kitchen is filled with healthy stuff. Some of which are “lemon, salmon fillets, tuna and balsamic vinegar.” Lemon is particularly one item she can’t live without. According to the actress, she uses it in almost everything she prepares. She said: “Lemon! I use it to season everything – it’s great on fish.”

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